Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲

Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲

Wu Xiaoqiao (Xiang Yun) and Chen Feng (Chen Liping) used to be close like sisters. However, they turn into bitter enemies after falling for the same man. For many years, the duo will bring their animosity into their workplace, causing tension amongst the other employees. Others believed that Xiaoqiao is left on the shelf for good, but she secretly carries a torch for her boss Li Zhengye (Bernard Tan). In her youth, Chen Feng mixed with the wrong crowd and is often in and out of jail. She eventually gives birth to a son Chen Yalong (Romeo Tan) who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Intern Zhang Qiyuan (Bonnie Loo) finds out that Li Ziyang (Ian Fang) is the son of Zhengye, who is the owner the factory. She later uncovers something even more shocking; that her foster mother Zhang Ruoyun (Cynthia Koh) is the biological mother of Ziyang and the former wife of Zhengye! Zhengye refuses to forgive Ruoyun for abandoning the family, but later finds out that he has misunderstood her. Lin Shuqi (Felicia Chin) is very supportive of her boyfriend, Xu Tao (Jeffrey Xu), whose dream is to be a star. To get the fame that he always wanted, Xu Tao agrees to spend a night with a wealthy lady, at Shuqi’s expense. Shuqi feels betrayed and break up with him. She then seeks Yalong for comfort and they become closer. Ziyang breaks up with Liang Wenjie (Jayley Woo) and gets together with Qiyuan. Wenjie is extremely bitter about the break up and plots to sabotage their relationship.

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Genre: Okategoriserade

TV Status: Återkommande serie

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TMDb: 70%